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Avenue de Tervuren 288 
1150 Woluwé Saint Pierre, Belgium 


All visa and visa fee payment requests will be made online via the Nigeria Immigration Service website: http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa

In addition to the online payment of visa fees, a supplement will be requested from the Consulate when handing over the documents and passport.

Basic documents for a visa application:

  • International passport valid min. 6 months after return and must have at least two-sided blank pages
  • Visa application form to be completed online via http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa
  • 1 Additional application form (see document on PDF)
  • 2 recent photos, identical in color, on a white background
  • copy of the Belgian identity card
  • plane ticket
  • Official hotel reservation
  • yellow fever vaccination

In addition to the business visa:

  • invitation letter on which the following sentence must appear in the letter: "acceptance of full responsibility for
  • immigration on behalf of the visitor "+ copy of the passport of the person who signed the invitation.
  • letter of guarantee from the Belgian company
  • Copy of an old Nigerian visa with the passport data page where the old visa is located. For those applying for a Nigerian visa for the first time, you must make a personal request to the Consulate.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company in Nigeria (of the inviting company)
  • Proof of payment of the visa via the website.
  • copy of the Belgian identity card
  • yellow fever vaccination



Type Description VAT Excluded VAT Included
Normal SINGLE ENTRY VISA 20.0 20.0
Normal MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA 75.0 75.0